Environmental trainings are conducted for around 350 employees of Yerevan Municipality


The Ministry of Nature Protection, jointly  with UNDP in Armenia and the Public Administration Academy of Armenia, organized  the launch of environmental trainings for community and civil servants within "Generate Global Environmental Benefits through Environmental Education and Raising Awareness of Stakeholders" project scopes. The first phase of the project envisages environmental trainings for  around 350 employees of Yerevan Municipality. The trainings will be conducted by the Public Administration Academy of Armenia in close collaboration with the project.   
First Deputy Minister of Nature Protection Irina Ghaplanyan, First Deputy Mayor of Yerevan Hrachya Sargsyan, Deputy Minister of Territorial Administration and Development Lilia Shushanyan, UNDP Resident Representative in Armenia Dmitry Mariyasin, Rector of the Public Administration Academy of Armenia Arsen Lokyan and officers  of state and other scientific organizations attended the launch of the environmental trainings.    
In her greeting remarks, First Deputy Minister of Nature Protection Irina Ghaplanyan hailed the importance of enhancing capacity building of decision-makers involved in the management of natural resources within the framework of the Ministry-coordinated project, emphasizing that they are focused on ensuring the balance between vital human needs and the natural environment.
" By living in the city, we occasionally forget that the city is a complex ecosystem, which is not stable and does not have the properties of self-regulation like natural ecosystems. Presently, the vision of "green" city is becoming more and more actual, in case of implementing it, we will be able to ensure those self-regulatory systems: such as,  the creation of green areas, air pollution reduction, public transport optimization and import of electric vehicles, or waste sorting and sustainable management. Yerevan already has “Smart city”, "Green city" approved concepts, and step by step should accomplish developed measures therein contained, and this project will bring closer the implementation of the vision and the concept of "green" and "smart" Yerevan”: the First Deputy Minister stressed, setting a great store on the fact of holding initial  environmental trainings with the workers of Yerevan Municipality.
UNDP Resident Representative Dmitry Mariyasin and other speakers prioritized awareness raising on environmental protection and existing bottlenecks.
The training will be conducted through 11 modules on sustainable cities, renewable energy, energy efficiency, circular economy, environmental management, sustainable consumption and other topics, developed by the American University of Armenia Acopian Center for the Environment, on the margins of “Generate Global Environmental Benefits through Environmental Education and Raising Awareness of Stakeholders” project.