Inviting construction companies to attend a discussion
The estimated cost of works is about 540.0 million AMD


On August 8, it will be the opening of bids of the tender with ՇՄՆ-ԲՄ-ԱՇՁԲ-19/01 cipher - for the needs of the Ministry of Environment - announced for acquisition of works to be implemented within the period of 2019-2021 for the cleaning of forest stands of Lake Sevan covered with water. The estimated cost of the works is about 540.0 million AMD.
On July 24,  at 11:00, here will be organized a discussion at the conference hall of the 5th floor of  3rd Government House over technical affairs regarding the tender package and the works to be accomplished. 
We invite your representative (preferably the head of the organization or his / her substitute) to participate in the discussion; you must submit a passport or an identification card for the participation.