13-14 September 2019, Copenhagen, Denmark


Six partnership countries and the European Environment Agency held a 2-day interactive workshop on effective sharing of the environmental information. This workshop is a part of the agreed activities under a regional work plan  The ENI SEIS II East project provided extensive expertise in communications of the European Environment Agency's Communication Program and Communication experts from the Eionet.
Exploring together the innovative ideas, participants shared creative approaches and discussed the value of networks and how to build them.  Workshop objectives were achieved:
Improve communication towards general public and policy makers to support environmental policy; set up networks on the national level; share Eionet and countries' experiences,
Seek opportunities for synergies

It was an interactive and engaging workshop where participants created an outreach and social media campaign, participated in a crisis management simulation exercise, exchanged views on infographics and metrics and most importantly learned from each other.
Three experts from Armenia participated in the workshop: NFPs of the SEIS II East project:Gayane Shahnazaryan (Ministry of Environment), Nelli Baghdasaryan (Statistical Committee) and communication expert Ani Hambardzumyan (Statistical Committee).