There took place the session on interdepartmental committee implementing Stockholm Convention on “Persistent Organic Pollutants”


The session was presided by Chairwoman of the Committee,  Deputy Minister of Environment Irina Ghaplanyan.   
 In the course of the session, Project Coordinator Gayane Gharabegyan delivered a report on progress and problems of 2019 of UNDP‐GEF full‐size project within the framework of activities of “Elimination of obsolete pesticide stockpiles and addressing POPs contaminated sites within a Sound Chemicals Management Framework”.
The session took a note of “Regional Demonstration Project for Coordinated Management of ODS (Ozone Depleting Substances) and POPs (Persistent Organic Pollutants) in Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Armenia” and activities accomplished in its scopes.
 Head of Hazardous Substances and Waste Policy Division of the Ministry of Environment, National Focal Point to Stockholm Convention Anahit Aleksandryan submitted the works conducted under the National Implementation Plan (NIP) for the Stockholm Convention on Persistent Organic Pollutants (2016-2020) in the period of 2019, as well as stated that the National Action Plan for 2020 will be reviewed / updated and the National Action Plan for 2021-2025  will be submitted to the Government for approval.
Also, the issue of approving the list of chemical substances banned by the Stockholm Convention was considered, in which chemical substances proposed by the EAEU were taken into consideration. It was suggested to develop a draft law on chemical substances subject to the obligations assumed under international treaties ratified in the Republic of Armenia, which will include chemical substances and products by the Rotterdam, Stockholm and Minamata Conventions. The proposal was approved by the members of the interdepartmental committee.