Challenges of plastics


Deputy Minister of Environment Irina Ghaplanyan discussed the issues of reducing and banning sigle-use plastics with business people,   officers of organizations engaged in waste collection, sorting and recycling. 
The meeting focused on sustainable waste management, reduction  of environmental pollution, legislative regulations, formation of  an economic model and feature analysis in Armenia, international experience study, and the introduction of a deposit system.
Irina Ghaplanyan submitted  the essential of setting up infrastructures directed to introduction of the deposit system. The application of the deposit system envisages acceptance and collection of plastic containers for which payment is made according to the type of plastics. As the best example of applying the deposit system, Irina Ghaplanyan outlined Lithuania's experience and noted that it is envisaged to be implemented in Armenia as well.
In the course of  the meeting, the prospects of strengthening and expanding of waste recycling organizations were considered, inclusive of the proposals for reduction and prohibition of single-use plastics.