In response to ''Hetq''


In response to an article entitled "Manipulations on  water amount saved in  Ararat Valley" published by ''Hetq'' weekly today, we inform that there are illustrated misrepresented data, as:
1. In the period of 2019, the Ministry of Environment reduced  1248 l /s water amount in operating fisheries, apropos  of which there are all necessary documents 
2. With reference to the period of 2019, according to 1257-N decree, 8 wells were liquidated and 43 wells were conserved in Ararat Valley, thus these activities were implemented in accordance with the defined order of the law of the Republic of Armenia on “Procurement'', involving the Institute of Technical Supervision. All relevant documents approved by the Commission on all deep wells conserved and liquidated by means of the state funds are available. Additionally, it should be noted that the amount of approximately 38 million AMD - allocated by 1257-N decree - is subject to chargeback from the owners of the wells, in relation to which the Ministry of Environment takes corresponding measures within its powers. In addition, by this decree, the conservation or liquidation of wells with negative horizon were also approved.
3. With regard to the inaccuracy of the financial standard for the liquidation and conservation of  deep wells, we inform that the Ministry of Environment was guided by 1233-N of decree (2013) of the Government of the Republic of Armenia on liquidation and conservation criteria,  and the figures submitted by the decree of the Government are 20 times lower than those exaggerated by the international organizations mentioned in the article. Most likely, it is obvious why the representatives of the international organization who spent 40 million AMD on the liquidation of one well with 20-30 l/s water disseminate misinformation, and the journalist of Hetq could be briefed of the cost of one well liquidation directly from the organizations engaged in this activity.
4.  Also, it should be noted that in 2014 the horizons of underground water of Ararat Valley were at a lower level than in 2015 and 2016, and pointed out that in 2014  the water outflow of some wells was at least the result of a lack of knowledge of the sphere.
5. The journalist of Hetq was not even aware that the ABANDONED and the self-flowing wells had been liquidated and conserved, and in the article tried to guess which fisheries were liquidated. 
6. The journalist of Hetq, too stated, in the article that the government had revised the norms on fish production and commented that water use permits were not revised according to these norms, again misleading readers, as the decree will enter into force only after 2021.
We should also add that two days ago a similar, misleading article about the draft on automotive catalytic converter was published by Hetq, thus confusing tens of thousands of drivers, not illustrating that the draft developed by the ministry only related to the cars imported after January 1, 2020.