$ 780.000 was not transferred to the Ministry of Environment for the law-drafting


In response to the spread of irrelevant and misleading information on the Internet about making additions to the RA law on “Freedom of Information”.
Shushanik Doydoyan, President of “Freedom of Information Center of Armenia” NGO, made a statement on GEF-funded and UNDP Armenia Country Office-implemented “Generate Global Environmental Benefits through Environmental Education and Raising Awareness of Stakeholders'' project in the period of 2015-2019,  whereby the impression that $ 780,000 grant was allocated to the Ministry of Environment  to develop a single draft law.
The mentioned $ 780,000 was envisaged for the implementation of the full four-year project (2015-2019), in the frames of which a great deal of work was fulfilled. It is possible to get substantive information about thereof from the Ministry of Environment and on the project’s budget, experts, contracts and competitions from UNDP Armenia Country Office.
We inform that the above-mentioned project was implemented with backing of the Ministry, since the whole financial management of the project, budget coordination, signing of contracts, holding tenders, selection of experts were performed by UNDP Armenia Country Office.
The Ministry of Environment has regularly provided information to the public about the project via the official information platform - the ENV  website.
The objective of the project was to strengthen Armenia’s capacity to implement the strategies under Rio Convention and to generate global environmental benefits, particularly  to support the generation of global environmental benefits through environmental education and awareness raising of stakeholders.
We would like to add that the Ministry of Environment received 4 inquiries from “Freedom of Information Center of Armenia” NGO regarding the draft law on making additions to the RA law on “Freedom of Information”, the content of which mainly referred to the project duration, funding and experts, since any question with regard to the content of the law itself was not raised by the above-mentioned NGO.