Up to 800.000 AMD will be fined for waste burning; 
 The Ministry of Environment  fights  against air pollution


The new draft, developed by the Ministry of Environment, could be instrumental in enhancing the situation in the sphere of harmful emissions, and improving air quality in the capital and throughout the republic.
The new draft law proposes to impose a fine for burning wastes - generated from production, consumption, leaf drop - in the  settlements and in the vicinity of thereof or in the places not envisaged for that purpose.  
These activities will cause a warning or imposition of a fine; citizens will be charged  a fine of 50.000 AMD, the officials will be charged a fine of 200.000 AMD.
The problem of burning production or consumption waste in unlicensed landfill sites will not be ignored. In this case, citizens will be charged a fine of 100.000 AMD, and officials will be charged a fine of 400.000 AMD.
If the violation of norm is repeated within a year after the fine is imposed, the fine will already be 200.000 AMD for citizens and 800.000 AMD for officials.
The need to develop a draft law stems from environmental issues caused by open burning of wastes in landfill sites.

Open burning of wastes in landfill sites is the cheapest, promptest and easiest, while the most dangerous way for disposal of household wastes. As a result, large amounts of dioxins and furans are emitted into the environment, which are the result of incomplete combustion and are streamlined by Stockholm Convention on “Persistent Organic Pollutants”.
By the way, we would like to add that the adoption of the draft will contribute to the fulfillment of the commitments undertaken by the Republic of Armenia under Stockholm Convention on Persistent Organic Pollutants”, reduction of hazardous emissions, as well as prevention of harmful impacts on human health and on the environment.

The details of the draft can be found on the e-draft.am online platform, following the link ⤵️