Wood is replaced by the sun; how to save by preserving nature


The next successful grant project of the Ministry of Environment-implemented “Support Program for Protected Areas-Armenia” (SPPA-A) has been summed up.
In the  frames of the grant project, “Green eco-region” environmental NGO implemented the project of installation of solar water heaters in all 56 households having the permanent residence of Shikahogh village adjacent to “Shikahogh” state reserve.
The 56 households of the village were provided with solar water heaters of 150 liters capacity and the roofing and installation of the systems were conducted. The 56 households received 5 LED lamps each. Awareness-raising activities were held for the residents of the village, especially for older people, in the course of which the rules of using the system were presented.
5-year technical and 1-year extended warranty is provided for the use of water heaters.
The effectiveness of the project was not only to reduce the amount of firewood and electricity used by households by installing solar water heaters, but also to foster environmental sustainability and energy-saving behavior among the residents of the village, which will bring about reducing the negative impact on the environment.
It should be stated that here is no gasification in Shikahogh village, which means that wood or electricity were mostly used in the village to heat water for domestic purposes.