The next successful grant project of the Ministry of Environment-implemented “Support Program for Protected Areas-Armenia” (SPPA-A) was summarized


 “Yulia” charitable NGO, which received the grant, implemented “Social integration of children with disabilities through organizing non-formal education” project, due to the activities held in the project scopes, 21 children with disabilities were socialized and integrated into the society.
In the course of the project, the talks were held on rivers, forests, the environment and nature, the children got acquainted with nature and historical and cultural values through excursions, the psychologist and the social pedagogue (curative educator) conducted research works, game therapies, group and individual talks, exercises.
The organization of similar events was targeted at developing children's general knowledge, communication, culinary, teamwork skills, capacities for self-care and self-expression, physical activity, perception of positive emotions and relationships, and visual memory. At the end of the project, taking into consideration the specific needs of each of the beneficiary children, there were provided relevant property, equipment and necessary items.
As a result of the project, summer employment was provided for 21 children with disabilities of Kapan through non-formal curve, due to which the social isolation and polarization of children with disabilities were also reduced.