The adverse economic impact will be minimized through willows: Who can apply for the program?


The decree of the government on "Approving the fifteenth program to curb the economic impact of COVID-19" was adopted at today's Cabinet meeting.
Submitting the relevant draft, the Minister of Environment Erik Grigoryan remarkably  noted that the  fifteenth program as a part of curbing the coronavirus-driven pandemic’s economic impact is aimed at minimizing social problems, caused by the spread of coronavirus, giving citizens the opportunity to participate in tree planting.
The beneficiaries of the activity are the citizens of the Republic of Armenia or stateless persons who will take part in the establishment of coastal forest layers in the valleys of the rivers, in the highlands of the Republic of Armenia through the cuttings of local willow species, as a result of which new jobs will be generated.
The draft proposes to provide 50 AMD - for the preparation and planting of each cutting - to the residents participated in tree planting. 
The works will be fully coordinated by “ArmForest” SNCO of the Committee of Forest of  the Ministry of Environment, “Foundation for the Preservation of Wildlife and Cultural Assets” and Armenia Tree Project Charitable Foundation (ATP) .
Also, the population will be involved in the activities of fencing.