8.5 tons of agricultural products, 5500 sq. m. farm, 8 new jobs


Due to the Ministry of Environment-implemented “Support Program for Protected Areas-Armenia” (SPPA-A), a new company has been established in Tatev community of Syunik region, which is engaged in the production of agricultural products.
As a result of the project, 5,500 square meters of land plot free of charge for 25 years was purchased in Tatev settlement, in which two greenhouses of 200 square meters and open fields were established respectively. The greenhouse is operated by drip irrigation, for which more than 350 meters of water infrastructure was set up.
Seeds and seedlings of crops were acquired to ensure the regular functioning of the farm.
According to the data of 2019, a total of 8,699kg of ecologically clean agricultural products were collected in the farm and sold in both wholesale and retail markets.
 The 8 new jobs have been generated in the farm, and the workers are provided with the necessary tools to work in greenhouses and open field farms.
 “P&T” NGO, which implements the grant program, directed the first incomes of the project to the reconstruction and landscaping of the square of Tatev settlement.
The key achievement of the program is the newly established "MASH" brand, for which a marketing strategy has been developed, branding materials have been prepared, which are also applied for printing and packaging.
The developed three-year business plan is already in force.
In the frames of the cooperation, within the framework of social entrepreneurship, the Agricultural Training and Production Center of “P&T” NGO regularly provided agricultural products to "Hot Food" project of Tatev community school, which is used by 20 pupils attending grades 1-4 and 22 preschool pupils.
The pupils of Tatev community school conducted  an educational visit to the open field, got acquainted with the implementation of seedling planting and greenhouse agriculture activities.
Thus, in the frames of the program, the variety of cultivated harvest was displayed during the exhibition-festival of agricultural products.
“Partnership and Teaching”/P&T NGO, which received the grant, implemented “Sustainable Agriculture as an Opportunity for Economic Development” project, which was focused on promoting sustainable agriculture and agricultural production in Tatev settlement of Syunik region by encouraging  the economic development of the settlement.