Dear compatriots,


Dear compatriots,
According to my own application, I have been relieved of the post of Minister of Environment, I would like to report back the work accomplished over the past two years.
The works were supervised due to the efforts of the ministry and its subordinate structures, for which I express my gratitude to our team, I am proud of you.
Yes, our work did not find a place in these pervasive sensational and popular information flows; perhaps we were busy building a system rather than making some noise.
The entire staff of the Ministry of Environment, despite the criticism and often unfair treatment, did their best in a bid to solve the problems inherited for decades.
No state can be built and strengthened if the work of a civil servant is not respected, from a first-class specialist to a prime minister and a president.
In all our actions, we have been guided only by the state interest and ensuring the right of the citizen of the Republic of Armenia to have a healthy environment.
I would like to extend a vote of thanks to Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan and my colleagues from the government for their cooperation and joint efforts.
Ultimately, it is everybody’s duty to protect the environment, regardless of our profession, field of work and preferences.
I have conditionally divided the implemented work into 111 points.

Erik Grigoryan