In the wake of leopard tracks


How the Caucasian leopard attacked Yenoqavan Resident Arman Gabrielyan, and how their meeting ended, almost everyone knows.
The case had a great response. Since, it was remarkable not only for the fact that a wild animal had attacked a person, but also for the fact that a Caucasian leopard had appeared in Tavoush.
As a result of the researches, Arman Gabrielyan's hypothesis had been denied, but it was confirmed later, when the camera traps captured the Caucasian leopard in the mountains nearby Yenoqavan.
After 50 years, the last major European cat returned to Tavoush, which was an unprecedented success in terms of biodiversity recovery.
In addition to his courage, Arman Gabrielyan had shown higher consciousness and after 10-15 seconds of fight, he had not damaged the rare predator. To frighten the animal, he had fired two shots in the other direction, after which the leopard left.
Tracking the case that took place last winter, two Deputy Ministers of Environment Irina Ghaplanyan and Vardan Melikyan climbed to the heights of Yenoqavan village, Tavoush region, to study the animal's path and properly organize its protection.
Accompanied by Yenoqavan Resident Arman Gabrielyan, the Deputy Ministers visited the place where the meeting took place between the man and the red book-listed animal last year.
Also, the Representatives of the Tavoush Regional Administration, Yenoqavan village administration  and the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) participated in the investigations.
The examination of the area will clarify the trajectory of the animal from the north to the south; relevant actions will be developed to ensure the further animal locomotion without hindrance.
Earlier, due to the efforts of the Ministry of Environment and international partners, the population of the Caucasian leopard increases. This animal is registered in the Red Book of Armenia and is located on the top of the pyramid of nature and ecosystem of our country, balancing the fauna of Armenia.
Note: A fine of 100-500 million AMD is imposed for damaging a Caucasian leopard.