Forest and grassland fires are getting more frequent during this period of year, which are conditioned by temperature rise and a decrease in precipitation.
It is crucial to avoid creating fire hazards and to prevent potential outbreaks and spreads of fire, especially in specially protected areas of nature and forested areas.
The major factors of wildfires are person-caused.
Wildfires can be caused by burning agricultural wastes,  pastures, stubble burning, lighting bonfires in unauthorized places, discarded cigarette butts in unintended places  without extinguishing them properly.   
To prevent wildfires, it is important to remember that dry grass, wood, leaves and trees are fire-hazardous.
There are a number of important rules to follow:
1. Keep any type of fuel away from bonfires, do not burn the bonfire under trees, burn a small and controlled bonfire,
2. When leaving check for a second time to make certain you have completely extinguished the fire.
3. Use a large amount of water or cover the fire with a thick layer of sand to extinguish the flames.
4. Make sure the cigarette butt is completely extinguished.
Do not throw it away and take it with you
If you notice a newly burnt forest fire or burning of a grass area, you must follow the rules below:
1. Urgently call the Ministry of Emergency Situations on this number - 911.
2. If the fire does not pose a threat to your life and health and has not spread much yet, try to extinguish it with a cloth or rag (it is much more effective than if you try to extinguish the fire with a small amount of water)
3. If you have to go through a fire, cover your face and mouth with a wet cloth. However, if your clothes catch on fire, extinguish them turning or shaking them.
4. When you are in a safe place, definitely call 911, even if you think someone has already done it.
Let us  follow  the fire safety rules to protect the nature.