Today, a specialized garbage truck and 52 rubbish bins were handed to  Artik city by "Environmental Project Implementation Unit" SI of the Ministry of Environment.
The garbage truck and rubbish bins  were handed to the city in the frames of the Adaptation Fund-financed “Artik city closed stone pit wastes and flood management” pilot project. The project is focused on reducing the  adverse effects on the health of the population of Artik and adjacent communities.
It is envisaged that the equipment and property handed to Artik Municipality will contribute to properly organizing waste disposal, which will significantly have an impact on the protection and improvement of the environment.
The project includes the closed stone pit and agricultural lands in the administrative territories of Artik, Harich, Vardakar and Nahapetavan communities of Shirak region.
The objective  of “Artik city closed stone pit wastes and flood management” pilot project is to help local communities, regional authorities to develop and implement a sustainable economic development program, taking into account the adaptation potential. This project consists of three main components, the implementation of which is expected to ensure long-term and sustainable results.
Under  Project Component 1:“Restoration, management and increase of adaptation potential of natural landscapes of the area affected by climate change and anthropogenic factors”, it is planned to create a waste management mechanism, reduce waste impact on the environment and improve the adjacent areas of the city.