Dear fellow citizens,


“Sevan” national park” SNCO of the Ministry of Environment informs that “Norashen” reserve situated in the park’s area adjacent to Norashen community was established with the objective to ensure the normal lifestyle and reproduction of birds on the peninsulas adjacent to the area, remarkably of the  Armenian gull, as the only endemic bird nesting in the Armenian highlands, and “Norashen” sanctuary nearby the reserve was created  to ensure natural conditions for the rest and the lifestyle of the birds regularly met during the migration and for migratory guest birds.
We urge and demand  not to enter the area,  except where it is urgent necessity, and with the consent of the SNCO, thus ensuring the flawless functioning of the regimes defined  by the legislation of the Republic of Armenia for the reserve and the sanctuary.

Thank you for cooperation and mutual understanding.

“Sevan” NP” SNCO