Waste disposal activities in “Khosrov Forest” state reserve, in the vicinity of Havuts Tar


 “Cleaning of tourist attractions” social campaign has been launched, in the frames of which it is envisaged to supervise one time cleaning works of tourist attractions  in the territory of the Republic of Armenia. The project is implemented by the Tourism Committee of the Ministry of Economy and the Armenian Association of Professional Tourist Guides (AAPTG) with the support of the Ministry of Environment within the framework of the Armenia Support Initiative (ASI) / United States Agency for International Development (USAID).
Highlighting the role of ecotourism all over the world and in Armenia, on June 13 the members of the Armenian Association of Professional Tourist Guides (AAPTG)  visited the area of one of the ecotourism routes of “Khosrov Forest” state reserve - Havuts Tar (XII-XII century architecture) to accomplish the above-mentioned activities.
The works were coordinated by Vahagn Sargsyan, worker of Department for Specially Protected Areas of Nature and Biodiversity Policy of  the Ministry of Environment. The activities will be continued in SPANs and in all tourist spots of Armenia. The next visit is envisaged to “Dilijan” national park, nearby Jukhtak and Matosavank monastic complexes.