In the course of today’s Cabinet meeting, the Government approved the Ministry of Environment-submitted draft law, the objective of which is to streamline usage and sustainable management of bioresources in Lake Sevan. According to it, the conveyance of swimming means into or out of Lake Sevan for commercial fishing will be done only from 17 districts mentioned in the draft (the districts are indicated in the image attached). In 2020, the volume of commercial fishing in Lake Sevan was defined 200 tons.
At the Cabinet meeting, the draft was submitted by Acting Minister of Environment Vahe Jilavyan. 
By the new draft, the Ministry will define new appliances for fishing supervision, which will enable to effectively combat illegal fishing and to take efficient steps to restore the fish stocks of Sevan.
According to the draft adopted today by the Government:
1.    It shall be prohibited commercial fishing in Lake Sevan for all fish species, excluding whitefish.
2.    Hunting of whitefish shall be conducted throughout Mets Sevan, at least 500m from the shore. Not less than 500 grams shall be permitted for fishing.
3.    Hunting shall be banned, taking into consideration the period of spawning of fish from October 1, 2020 to March 1, 2021.
4.     Commercial fishing shall be done by fishing net cages (the dimensions of the fishing net cage should be 40mm and more).
5.    Commercial fishing shall be accomplished at Lake Sevan during daylight hours.
We deem it important to emphasize that by this draft, the ban applies only to conveyance of swimming means into the lake for commercial fishing.
It should also be added that as a result of the current volumes of illegal fishing, and the analysis of the situation around it, inclusive of the imperfection of the present order of organizing commercial fishing, a number of problems have arisen that need to be solved immediately.
For this reason, the Ministry of Environment has undertaken "Sustainable use of fish and crayfish reserves in Lake Sevan and its catchment basin" pilot project based on the decree (November 21, 2019) of the Government on “Restoration, preservation, reproduction of fish and crayfish reserves in Lake Sevan , as well as defining the order of organizing determination of their reserves, amounts, forms of commercial hunting of fish and crayfish”. 
The other details of the draft can be found on the online platform via the following link: