Fishing in Lake Sevan


Acting Minister of Environment Vahe Jilavyan and Acting Deputy Minister of Environment Vardan Melikyan toured Tsovagyugh community of Gegharkunik region early in the morning to meet with fishermen and to carry out awareness- raising activities on the new decree adopted at the Cabinet meeting last week.
Vahe Jilavyan and Vardan Melikyan briefed the fishermen that fishing of whitefish from Lake Sevan is banned. By the new draft, capture of fish weighing up to 500 grams is also prohibited, fishing shall be done at least 500 meters from the shore with the application of fishing net cages (the dimensions of the fishing net cage must be less than 40mm).
According to the decision made by the government, fishing will in general be banned in Lake Sevan from October 1, 2020 to March 1, 2021.
By dint of these adjustments, it will be possible to make visible progress in respect of the restoration of the lake's fish stocks.
Additionally, high-ranking officials of the Ministry of Environment advised that fishing will be banned at night, and commercial fishing will be only permitted  from 17 coastal districts of Lake Sevan, which will be supervised by “Sevan” national park, on the basis of issued licenses.
We deem it important to emphasize that by this draft, the ban applies only to conveyance of swimming means into the lake for commercial fishing.
In the course of the consultation, the fishermen and fish sellers expressed their concerns and came up with propositions that will be discussed within professional subdivisions of the Ministry.
The awareness-raising activities of the residents engaged in fishing will be continued.
Earlier, on June 17, the Government approved the Ministry of Environment-submitted draft law, the objective of which is to regulate use and sustainable management of bioresources in Lake Sevan.  In 2020, the volume of commercial fishing was defined 200 tons in Lake Sevan. By the new draft, the Ministry will define new appliances for fishing supervision, which will enable to effectively combat illegal fishing and to take efficient steps to restore the fish stocks of Sevan.