Announcement on the source of pollution of storks


At the initiative of the Ministry of Environment, led by Karen Aghababyan, Legal Adviser to the  Minister, together with other specialists involved in the works and members of the voluntary group have been  supervising monitoring in recent days in the settlements of Ararat and Armavir regions where contaminated storks are observed.
As a result of the monitoring, the members of the group determined the directions that are regular for the flight of storks through network monitoring.  The observations have enabled to identify basis points for bird food and potential sources of pollution. According to the preliminary data, it has become clear that most of the contaminated birds descend to some fisheries to look for food, which, according to the preliminary data, may be followed by contamination of birds. The researches show that about 60 percent of the storks nesting from Hovtashen to Yeraskhahun and between Hayanist villages are presently polluted.
The specialized group has already detected and composed a list of fisheries that may be sources of pollution. The monitoring will continue throughout the week.
Acting Deputy Minister of Environment Vardan Melikyan is currently preparing a letter, which will be sent to the Inspectorate for  Nature Protection and Mineral Resources to visit the fisheries included in the list along with inspectors and to accomplish surveys there.
The solution of the problem of contamination of storks is in the daily spotlight of the Ministry of Environment. The professional subdivisions of  the Ministry,  within its powers, will execute all the necessary measures  in a bid to address the existing problem as soon as possible.
Photos by Karen Aghababyan