A new garbage truck to Kapan within the framework of the Ministry of Environment project


In the frames of the Ministry of Environment-implemented “Support Program for Protected Areas-Armenia” (SPPA-A), and in close cooperation with Kapan Municipality, the problem of garbage collection was tackled in 7 target settlements of Kapan region of the SPPA-A program.
1 special rear-loading MAZ garbage truck with a capacity of 7.5 tons was donated to Kapan Municipality.
The community was provided with 56 galvanized garbage bins of 400 kg capacity, including:
13  garbage bins – Tsav, 9 garbage bins - Shikahogh, 6 garbage bins - Nerkin Hand, 6 garbage bins - Srashen, 6 garbage bins - Chakaten, 11 garbage bins - Geghanush, 5 garbage bins - Dzorastan.
It is envisaged to regularly supervise garbage collection in the above-mentioned settlements once a week.
Kapan Municipality provided the installation of garbage bins, levelling and construction of garbage bins through the utility.
 The garbage bins were also set up in the recreation zones nearby the villages, ensuring the cleanliness of the areas of tourist attractions.
It should be noted that garbage collection has not been conducted in these villages for years, and the villagers solved the garbage problem as they could, by dumping the garbage in the gorges, collecting or burning it in a part of the gardens; the visitors of the recreation zones left the garbage in the gathering place, creating an unsanitary-hygienic situation.