Climate change and adaptation in Armenia:  the media tells


The impact of climate change on various spheres of human activity is growing day by day all over the world. In this context, adaptation measures are vital in a bid to mitigate or to prevent the harmful effects of climate change, as well as to find solutions for living and developing in new climatic conditions.
A number of processes are also performed in Armenia to adapt to climate change, for the effectiveness of which it is significant to raise awareness of the professional communities and the public regarding thereof.
Within the framework of UNDP-GCF “National Adaptation Plan (NAP) to advance medium and long-term adaptation planning in Armenia” project, on July 18-25 there will be held short-term seminar-discussions (with a maximum of 2 hours each day) for journalists, media content creators (individuals) and officers of organizations.
Attention! Taking into consideration the situation conditioned by the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), the seminar-discussions will be held online.
The seminar-discussions organized in collaboration with the Ministry of Environment are a wonderful opportunity for journalists covering both environmental and  various fields of public importance of the Republic of Armenia, media content creators within a short time period to get acquainted with current and  potential  impacts of climate change on the economy and the society, to supervise surveys of the activities of state structures directed to their management and public supervision. 
Participants will have the opportunity
• to receive brief and accessible information on climate change and adaptation in the world, especially on the processes being implemented in Armenia,
• to acquire  accurate and pivotal information on the impact that climate change may have on different spheres of public importance in Armenia,
•  to communicate directly with experts in various fields related to climate change, through  questions and answers,
• to get acquainted with the main adaptation measures envisaged during the next three years, and their importance on various fields of public importance in the Republic of Armenia,
• to acquire a list of contact data of  sectorial experts, organizations and government agencies,
•  to have advantages of covering events / activities during the project,
• to obtain the necessary consultancy and technical support for the creation of thematic media content.

The format of seminar-discussions
The informative and cognitive event will consist of three main parts:
• Provision of thematic explainer videos, informative texts and visual materials
The participants of the initiative will be provided with developed comprehensible  and professional information packages on the topics discussed within the project scopes. This version of the thematic material will enable the  journalists working on a strictly non-standard schedule to easily get the knowledge delivered by the project, at their convenient time and in the convenient way.
• Online meetings with representatives and experts of state bodies coordinating the sector
In the frames of the initiative, two interactive online meetings are envisaged (each meeting with a maximum of 2-hour duration). Online meetings and discussions will give the opportunity to participants to address questions of interest to sectorial experts, as well as to representatives of government bodies coordinating the project.
• Creation of thematic media content
On the margins of the initiative, the creation of thematic media content is encouraged. The representatives of the project and the members of the engaged expert group are willingly to assist the journalists in applying the gained knowledge in their daily work. All thematic materials, regardless of the primary source of their publication, will be posted on the project's online platforms.

Discussed most vulnerable target spheres to climate change

  • Agriculture
  • Water resources
  • Energy
  • Settlements
  • Healthcare
  • Tourism

Who can participate?
 Participation in seminar-discussions:

  • journalists covering the most vulnerable target spheres to nature protection and climate change,
  • journalist students
  • media content creators, representatives of organizations and / or youth initiatives.

How to apply?
If you are interested to participate, you need to fill in the electronic application form for the seminar by July 15, at 18:00. The technical details of the meetings and the agenda of the participants will be provided with an additional letter.
For details or questions you can call on this number: 094700974.

About the project:
Recognizing that reduction of Armenia's vulnerability to CC requires greater investments, as well as the active implementation of CC adaptation and disaster risk reduction measures, in 2016 the Government of the Republic of Armenia initiated the development of the National Adaptation Plan (NAP) through consultations with local stakeholders and actions to assess the current situation. The NAP process is deemed as a key factor in achieving the adaptation goals envisaged by the Nationally Determined Contributions (NDC) under the Paris Agreement assumed by the Government of the Republic of Armenia in 2015.
“National Adaptation Plan (NAP) to advance medium and long-term adaptation planning in Armenia” project is focused on making contribution to strengthen the fundamental capacities for sustainable development and the implementation of CC adaptation measures in target vulnerable spheres. The project will also support to identify and attract funding opportunities to face climate change challenges.
You can read more about the project here.