ANNOUNCEMENT apropos of an algae bloom in Lake Sevan


The professional subdivisions of the Ministry of Environment keep the issue of activation of the blue-green algae in Lake Sevan in spotlight.
Presently, the activity of blue-green algae is observed both in the parts of Big Sevan and Small Sevan.
Due to the professional consultations, it has been registered that the main reasons for the intensive growth of blue-green algae in the lake and the decline in water quality are the high temperature of the lake water (since winter) and the high percentage of phosphorus in the lake.
Due to the unprecedented volumes of cleanup of coastal  forested areas of Sevan - launched in 2019, this year the concentration of phosphorus in the lake has decreased incomparably. During the previous year, about 100 hectares of forested area were cleaned from the coastal areas. The works will be in progress this year.
Meanwhile, there have been embarked on the mapping and inventory of  buildings and structures at an altitude of up to 1901.5 meters above sea level along the shores of Lake Sevan subject to dismantling. Community-owned buildings and structures will be dismantled at the expense of state funds.
The corresponding notifications have already been sent to the owners of private buildings and structures to supervise dismantling activities themselves.
Additionally,   “Main issues of restoration and protection of the balance of the ecosystem of Lake Sevan, necessary and envisaged actions for their arrangement” document was developed, which was  submitted to EU partner donor organizations for funding. Over 5 million euros have been allocated for those purposes.
 The Ministry of Environment-implemented measures requiring urgent solution 
Three measures have been selected:
Prevention of sewage flow from Gegharkunik region to the lake,
Revegetation of areas occupied by mining wastes
Cleanups of polluted riverbeds in the water catchment basin of Lake Sevan.
The issue of activation of blue-green algae in Lake Sanaa is in the center of attention of the Ministry of Environment. All the necessary measures are assumed.
The satellite image of Lake Sevan is in the photo:
As of 20.07.2020.