“SPPA-A” project fulfillment with a budget of 8 million euros in Syunik region


On the margins of the working visit  paid to Syunik region, Acting Minister of Environment Vahe Jilavyan today had a meeting with  Syunik Region Governor Hunan Poghosyan. 
Vahe Jilavyan and Hunan Poghosyan discussed issues apropos of the Ministry of Environment-implemented “Support Program for Protected Areas-Armenia” in Syunik region, with a total budget of 8,000,000 euros.
Almost half of the works envisaged by the project have already been accomplished. Its goal is to reduce the pressure on specially protected areas of nature through the development of households in adjacent settlements.
Vahe Jilavyan և Hunan Poghosyan discussed the implementation status and outcomes of the projects being performed in the communities adjacent to the specially protected areas of nature.
Among other activities, Vahe Jilavyan outlined garbage trucks and dumpers provided to the community in a bid to tackle the problem of garbage collection in 7 target settlements of Kapan region , installed bike traffic signs and informative boards, bike parking facilities,  the activities directed to the development of greenhouses and open field farms for sustainable agriculture development and production of agricultural products in Tatev settlement of Syunik region.

Additionally, it was made a reference to the tree planting works conducted  in “Kapan Forestry” branch of “ArmForest” SNCO, the introduction of a solar photoelectric station and the latest heating systems in Agarak secondary school of Syunik region, setting up of water heaters  in all 56 households with permanent residence in Shikahogh village nearby “Shikahogh” state reserve. The installation of water heaters, the construction of sports grounds in the cities of Meghri and Agarak, as well as the issues regarding technical assistance provided to “Zangezur” Biosphere Complex” SNCO covering 7 protected areas of Syunik region and “Kapan Forestry” branch of “ArmForest” SNCO in an effort to supervise capacity-building of Syunik region.