Minister of Environment Romanos Petrosyan visited “Hydrometeorology and Monitoring Center” SNCO of the Ministry of Environment


A meeting and a crucial discussion was led  with the top management of the SNCO and  heads of the subdivisions. The Minister was briefed on the activities of the Center and the existing problems.
Many accumulated problems with reference to the improvement of building conditions, the change of management culture, technical upgrading, staff training, introduction of innovative toolkit to supervise professional activities more effectively were recorded.
Discussed the current programs, as well as the prospects for developing and implementing joint projects with international organizations.
Dwelling on the personnel policy, the Minister once again assured that in the post-revolutionary reality no vacancy is announced for a specific person. All vacancies should be filled by competent, well informed and educated specialists, and the best lower-level specialists should be given the opportunity to be promoted and self-promoted.
The activities of the structures under the Ministry of Environment should be based exclusively on the interests of the Republic of Armenia:  the increased role and political weight of the structure in the public administration system. Therefore, due to the right management of the sphere, it is possible to make determined decisions and to turn points of action.
As in the course of the meetings in the previous structures, so today, Minister Petrosyan urged his colleagues to clearly formulate the problems, to make an inventory, to sort them according to priority, to identify them by dint of institutional and personal work.
In the short term, the main task is to provide preconditions for the sustainable development of the SNCO in parallel with the solution of the problems that demand urgent solution.
 The Minister called for cooperation, from the youngest specialist to the head of the subdivision, to work together to implement reforms in the sphere.
In all sub-sectors of the Ministry of Environment, progressive reforms must be embarked on in the near future.