After Minister of Environment Romanos Petrosyan’s visit  to “Dilijan” NP SNCO, the lease agreement of the areas adjacent to Lake Parz natural monument situated in the territory of the national park was urgently revised.
After the visit to Lake Parz, Minister Petrosyan instructed to study in detail without delay, and submit to him the lease agreements issued in all parts of the national park, to reveal inaccuracies and inconsistencies thereof, to give a real assessment to the values of the leased areas, reviewing the amounts of payments stipulated in the lease agreements as a result of close and constructive cooperation with entrepreneurs.
Accordingly, a short period of time later, the top management of “Dilijan” national park SNCO organized a number of meetings, including with the renter of the areas adjacent to Lake Parz natural monument.
On August 28, 2020, in the course of the meeting of the Board of Directors took place in “Dilijan” national park, corresponding provisions of the agreement signed with “Dilijan” national park SNCO and “OPELA” LLC on July 4, 2006 (in force by July 4, 2031) were included in the agenda items and discussed. 
Due to the agreement reached during the meetings, the lease agreement was revised, as a result of which the lease payment was increased almost 6 times.
By the instruction of Minister Petrosyan, strict control was defined over the demand for the existence of relevant permits by the entrepreneurs  conducting economic activity  in the national park.
Therefore, in a bid to supervise economic activity in specially protected areas of nature, it is mandatory to have a relevant water use permit. Furnish the used areas with drainage and water treatment plants, septic tanks. Entrepreneurs are obliged to have permits defined by law while carrying out land construction work, and it is obligatory to go through the EIA expertise when making relief changes.
Any voluntary or self-willed action will not be tolerated in specially protected areas of nature. Legal entities and individuals having the right to operate in SPAs will be under the supervision of state non-commercial organizations presiding over the specially protected areas of nature throughout the course of their activities.
Note, that in the frames of Minister Petrosyan's visit to Tavush region, several issues apropos of illegal cutting of trees were considered, and it was instructed to lay special emphasis on the  cases of deforestation to develop mechanisms in an effort to prevent or exclude illegal deforestation and wood poaching.