Romanos Petrosyan was on a working visit to Gegharkunik region


Minister of Environment Romanos Petrosyan firstly conducted a visit to the cage net fish farm for Sevan trout breeding in Gegharkunik region and Karchaghbyur small fish factory, where it was also envisaged to release next small fish: around 280,000 Gegharkunik trout bred at the expense of state budget funds.
Due to the decrease in Lake Sevan level, inconsistent, unreasonable usage of fish stocks - without taking into consideration their reproductive potential - we have the complete destruction of winter trout and bojak, inclusive of summer and Gegharkunik trout have been preserved in insignificant quantities; trout is unable to naturally reproduce.
Preservation and  reproduction of fish stocks of Lake Sevan and other vital issues are in the spotlight, and require efforts and immediate pivotal actions combined with corresponding programs to address them. The state not only streamlines industrial fishing, but has also launched to preserve and increase the quantity of fish stocks. In this context, “Trout Resource Rehabilitation and Fish Breeding Development Foundation” implements the Government-approved “Lake Sevan Trout Reserves Rehabilitation and Fishery Development Program”.
The visit embarked on the cage net fish farm, where the Minister got acquainted with the opportunities, discussed a number of important issues regarding the restoration of Lake Sevan ecosystem with the representatives of the company running the farm. There are 12 main nets with a total production capacity of about 1000 tons per year.
Here are different sizes of fish with about 220 tons of total biomass, as well as about 70,000-80,000 small fish - a very rare subspecies in the nature.
During the tour in Karchaghbyur fish breeding factory, the Minister briefed progress on the production opportunities - 1 million small fish weighing 50 grams in one cycle. There is a huge potential here; in case of smaller production, it is possible to produce 10-30 million small fish of different sizes annually.
As a conclusion of the visit, the Minister was present at the release of small fish. “Trout Resource Rehabilitation and Fish Breeding Development Foundation” released about 280,000 small fish into Karchaghbyur and Masrik Rivers flowing into Lake Sevan.
The release of small fish is systematic. The overall objective is to restore the fish stocks in Lake Sevan, which have been declining for years, thereby promoting the restoration of the disturbed ecosystem of Lake Sevan. The release of winter trout, bojak and  koghak is planned in the near future.
Note, that measures have been assumed to prevent the released small fish from appearing in the nets of poachers. The newly established special guard unit of "Sevan” National Park supervises twenty-four-hour, strict and watchful control over the riverbeds. 
The protection of Lake Sevan implies  responsibility for everyone.
Let's care for the invaluable natural monument, in a bid to pass it to future generations undamaged.