The order of industrial fishing of whitefish in Lake Sevan.
The elaborated order for experimental fishing of  whitefish in Lake Sevan will be embarked upon in the near future.
According to the amendments made in the draft:
From now on, industrial fishing in Lake Sevan will be permitted to conduct at Small Sevan section as well.
 The 8 ones will be added to the 17 previously approved districts. 25 districts will totally be operating throughout Lake Sevan, monitored by “ Sevan” national park,
The new amendments will enable to catch whitefish weighing at least 400 grams and more instead of the previous 500 grams,
Also, the maximum quantity of industrial whitefish fishing in Lake Sevan has been revised. The new quantity approved by the draft will be 300 tons.
WE REMIND that those fishers that have not assumed the initiative   to apply to “Sevan” national park to participate in the experimental industrial fishing project and to sign a contract with the Ministry of Environment, will have the opportunity:
 to submit an application to “Sevan” NP SNCO by September 16 to obtain a permit for  industrial fishing.
to sign contracts with the Ministry of Environment, after their approval, within the defined period of time.

to participate in the further experimental industrial fish hunting project to be launched in Lake Sevan, in case of contracts signed by the defined order of the law, 
The deadline for the experimental fishing season is November 30, inclusive.
In case of additional questions, fishers can call the relevant subdivision of the Ministry:
Tel: +374 11 818 581, +374 77 78 00 76.

From the moment the order is embarked upon, each citizen entering Lake Sevan for industrial fish hunting  without having a contract with the Ministry of Environment will be charged an  administrative fine.
The caught fish will be confiscated by the defined order of the law.
Additionally,  the experimental industrial fishing of whitefish in Lake Sevan will be controlled and supervised by the RA Police, the RA Inspectorate for Nature Protection and Mineral Resources, by the newly formed special guard unit (supervising coastal and water twenty-four-hour duty)  of  ''Sevan''  NP SNCO of the Ministry of Environment .