Manifest caring and responsible behavior towards nature and the environment


Minister of Environment Romanos Petrosyan and the relevant subdivisions of the Ministry receive at least a few dozens of letters from citizens every day, in which cases of pollution of specially protected areas of nature, forested areas and other natural areas, damage caused to plant species in natural monuments with attached photos are illustrated.
Due to the activation of domestic tourism, the anthropogenic impact has recently increased in the most remarkable areas and districts  from a tourism point of view; highly overcrowded districts have been recorded. As a result of the congestion of people, a number of problems have been reported in these areas: compliance with environmental legislation, particularly  the pollution and waste disposal.
In a bid to settle the above-mentioned issue, by the order of Minister Romanos Petrosyan, a corresponding letter was sent by the Ministry of Environment to the RA Minister of Territorial Administration and Infrastructure.
Guided by the provisions of the 16th points of the 1st paragraph of Article 51  and Article 42 of the law on “Local Self-Government”, the Minister asked for assistance to issue instructions to local self-government bodies through the regional administrations to assume measures to effectively preserve specially protected areas of nature, natural monuments, historical and cultural monuments in their communities, as well as areas adjacent to the most popular natural tourist landscapes, inclusive of  well-organized waste disposal in these areas.
Another letter was sent to the Inspectorate for Nature Protection and Mineral Resources to take special measures to ensure appropriate supervision of specially protected areas of nature.
Only as a result of productive cooperation between territorial administration and local self-government, it is possible to achieve the desired results in the shortest period time.
Let each of us contribute to the improvement of the environmental situation in Armenia.
Each of us, whether responsible for the sectorial policy, a member of the community or a tourist, is instrumental in mitigating environmental disasters.
It demands more caring and responsible behavior towards nature and the environment.
 Being watchful and following the call of the Minister of Environment Romanos Petrosyan, on the initiative of the Governor of Shirak, cleaning activities were effected in the whole area adjacent to Trchkan Waterfall.
We are pleased to note that besides consumer attitude towards the environment, along with overexploitation of natural resources, there are many cases when our citizens spontaneously or with backing of state institutions undertake cleanups of the most remarkable areas in terms of tourism.
The young members of Yerznka Youth Union NGO, with the support of the RA Aragatsotn Regional Administration and Ohanavan community administration, completely cleaned up the area nearby Tsaghkevank, ensuring a clean and pleasant environment for future visitors.

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