Minister of Environment Romanos Petrosyan introduced newly appointed Deputy Ministers Tigran Simonyan and Anna Mazmanyan to the Ministry’s the staff


Introducing Tigran Simonyan, Minister Petrosyan remarkably stressed the rich experience of the latter in the academic sphere, thus the Deputy Minister is ready to invest it in the development of the academic component of the environment with great dedication, especially in the direction of legislative field reforms and improvement of legal procedures.
Referring to Anna Mazmanyan, Minister Petrosyan emphasized the professional skills of the newly appointed deputy minister, which will allow a new scale of efficiency in a number of spheres of the Ministry's activity.
The Minister expressed hope that the newly appointed Deputy Ministers’ knowledge and potential will make contribution to the sustainable institutional development of the Ministry of Environment, efficiently managing the spheres entrusted to them, pledging professional, high human qualities, skills and capacities.
Minister Petrosyan assured that the ongoing personnel reforms in the Ministry are focused on the improvement of the Ministry of Environment with the objective to foster a transparent work style, a stable professional system and discipline.
Additionally, Deputy Minister Anna Mazmanyan is entrusted with coordinating 6 SNCOs of SPAs, streamlining their economic components, the policy development department of the above-mentioned sphere of the Ministry and a number of large-scale projects.
Deputy Minister Tigran Simonyan will coordinate the 4 departments and 3 SNCOs of the ME, including “ArmForest” SNCO of the Committee of Forest and the legal unit of the ME.
The curriculum vitae (CVs) of the newly appointed Deputy Ministers of the Ministry of Environment are presented below: