Under the supervision of the Ministry of Environment and the Inspectorate for Nature Protection and Mineral Resources , 11 volunteers and two non-governmental organizations (BirdLinks Armenia AND PEES) continue to protect  and take care of the storks that were contaminated in June-July of this year. The works were effected at the Zoo Fauna Art Rehabilitation Center of Exotic Animals. The process was coordinated by Karen Aghababyan, Legal Advisor to the Minister of Environment.
For months, the volunteer group have toured the settlements of Ararat and Armavir regions, where contaminated storks were observed.Earlier, due to the observations, the members of the group recorded the directions that are regular for the flight of storks through network monitoring. The observations enabled to identify food base points of birds and the possible sources of contamination. Surveys in June-July showed that about 60 percent of the storks nesting from Hovtashen to Yeraskhahun and between the villages of Hayanist are contaminated.
By dint of the volunteers concerned about the protection of the fauna of Armenia, it is already the third year that the storks are detected and cleaned in that region.
We extend a vote of thanks to all citizens who have allocated time and backed the invaluable mission of saving white storks.