Today, Deputy Minister of Environment Anna Mazmanyan received representatives of more than two dozen travel agencies operating in Armenia


The meeting-discussion was attended by Acting Director of “Khosrov Forest” state reserve Boris Baghdasaryan, representatives of the Tourism Committee of the RA Ministry of Economy, President of the Armenian Tourism Federation Mekhak Apresyan, heads and guides of tourism associations and federations, coping with sectorial problems during their daily activities.
Discussed the main issues of tourism in the specially protected areas of nature and streamlining of visits.
The participants singled out the most remarkable and urgent issues of the sphere and worked out ways for collaborative work.
Management plans will be developed for the most popular tourist destinations, which will include the protection of tourist attractions, regulations apropos of tourism bandwidth, and  visitor flow management, inclusive of restrictions that will ensure the safety of ecosystems.
The issue of capacity building of supervision toolkit in specially protected areas of nature was voiced. Nature protection must be accomplished with a systemic approach. Representatives of the tourism industry find the solution to the problem in closer cooperation among communities, staff of SPAs, the Inspectorate for Nature Protection and Mineral Resources  and law enforcement agencies.
Anna Mazmanyan assured the attendees that similar discussions will be regular, there will be joint visits to problematic areas. He also stressed that the work of the subdivisions of the Ministry of Environment will collaborate with the public, with the conviction that they will contribute to the complex solution of sectoral problems.