Transport vehicles for needs of the frontline 


From the first days of the aggressive war unleashed by Azerbaijan against the Artsakh Republic, the Ministry of Environment in collaboration with its organizations has been continuing to direct its resources to meet the needs of Artsakh, the Defense Army and the frontline.
In the course of this period, the Ministry’s organizations, remarkably “ArmForest” SNCO, “Khosrov Forest” state reserve and “Lake Arpi” national park SNCO, have provided a number of transport vehicles for the needs of the frontline:
1 Ural (truck)
2 UAZ (truck)
2 UAZ (passenger)
3 UAZ Hunter (passenger)
7 UAZ Patriot (passenger)
3 VAZ 21-214 (passenger)
1 Nissan Pickup (passenger)
1 Toyota Hilux 2.5 TD (passenger)
3 Mitsubishi L200 (passenger)
Artsakh, the Army, the soldier, the frontline, this is what ought to be the focus of our efforts both in the Diaspora and in Armenia.