If the back is strong, the front is strong; fish fry of 18,700 Summer Trout species were released into Lake Sevan


Deputy Minister of Environment A. Mazmanyan had a participation in the release activities of about 18,700 batches of fingerlings (Summer Trout species) raised by the Trout Resource Rehabilitation and Fish Breeding Development Foundation, by means of the state funds in Berkunk community of Gegharkunik region.
The issues of preservation and reproduction of Lake Sevan fish stocks and other vital issues are in the spotlight and require efforts and immediate intervention pooled with adequate programs to address them. In this context, the Trout Resource Rehabilitation and Fish Breeding Development Foundation implements the Government-approved “Rehabilitation of trout resources and fish breeding development” comprehensive project.
The release of fry fish is continued. The overall objective is to restore the fish stocks of Sevan trout, which have been decreasing for years in Lake Sevan, thus promoting the restoration of the violated ecosystem of the lake.
A.    Mazmanyan emphasized that in the present situation we have no right to weaken the back: we must join our efforts in favor of the strengthening and development of our state at all fronts of victories. She once again stressed the essential for relevant supervision. The released fingerlings must not appear in the  fishing nets of poachers under any circumstance. The special guard unit of “Sevan” national park will supervise strict, twenty-four-hour and watchful control.