Dear compatriots,


While the state government bodies counteract the consequences of tense working order of hostilities and the martial law and the public administration bodies return to their normal functioning, the Ministry of Environment holds active working meetings and consultations to record issues, thus assuming priority steps to address them and to relaunch sustainable development programs.

One of the main issues is the illegal deforestation issue, apropros of which the ministry receives many calls, letters and notes from residents and from our compatriots concerned about environmental issues.
As you may know, during the war, hundreds of employees of the top managment of the Ministry of Environment, subdivisions under it, ''ArmForest" SNCO were drafted and joined up the RA Armed Forces on a voluntary basis. During that time, the forest enterprises and the national parks, although with very few working groups, continued to realize their tasks and focusing programs in an unwavering manner. In such a situation, a tendency of tree cutting has been observed, which is impermissible phenomenon prohibited by law.
Today, most of our partners have returned from the frontlines and perform their professional responsibilities, which is very important to strengthen the rear, to ensure the sustainable development of the economy.
In the course of the meeting with the top management of "ArmForest" SNCO, the Ministry of Environment issued strict instructions to provide the residents of the forest settlements with the quantities of residues of firewood by the defined order of law, as well as to do  legal tree cutting through permitted toolkits  within pre-approved cutting sites to ensure their legal realization in all regions of the republic. 
The Committee of Forest and "ArmForest" SNCO have received instructions on the preservation of forests within their area of responsibility, prevention of deforestation cases, revealation of cases of norm violations on cutting trees, inclusive of operative cooperation with law enforcement agencies.
From now on, the inspectors of "ArmForest" SNCO are officially obliged to take strict measures to prevent illegal cutting of trees and to combat forest poaching.
We would like to inform our compatriots that the situation is under the full control of "ArmForest" SNCO, and due to the beginning of the heating season, presently legal cutting of trees and transfer of wood to warehouses of "ArmForest" SNCO  are supervised in a number  of forest enterprises in a bid to organize its realization in all regions of the Republic of Armenia by the defined order of law. 

We once again urge you to refrain from illegal felling, acquisition of firewood of illegal origin, to act exclusively in the legislative field. The forest is a national treasure in our country, the management of which is entrusted to public administration bodies.

Dear compatriots,
However, we are grateful for the caring attitude and the warnings, and when warning of cases of possible deforestation and transfer of timber, please indicate the vehicle registration plate, that transports it and  geographical location, in an effort to locate it in a short time period and detect the legality of the incident.

From now on, the Ministry in colloboration with SNCOs under it will be consistent in the full-fledged implementation of its powers directed to enviornmental protection in our country  and in giving a legal-administrative assessment to the recorded violations 

HOTLINES to warn of the possible deforestation cases and transfer of timber: 
The Inspectorate for Nature Protection and Mineral Resources - 119 (around the clock)

''ArmForest" SNCO - 83-93