Minister of Environment Romanos Petrosyan met today with UNIDO Country Representative Anahit Simonyan


The meeting was attended by Deputy Minister A. Mazmanyan and Head of the International Cooperation Department of the Ministry of Environment R. Grigoryan.
 The United Nations Industrial Development Organization has embarked on its partnership with the Government of the Republic of Armenia, remarkably with the Ministry of Economy and the Ministry of Nature Protection for a long period of time - before the establishment of the office - providing technical assistance in various spheres, including sustainable waste management and promoting cleaner production.
At the meeting, the joint programs of the Office and Ministry of Environment were discussed. Ms. Simonyan expressed her satisfaction with the status of the joint projects and the achieved results.
Armenia has set an ambitious goal to increase the share of solar energy in total energy consumption, thus producing 26% of the energy consumed by the population from renewable sources by 2025. In the frames of  Country Programme Document (CPD), the UNIDO will seek to support Armenia in using energy efficiency practices in industry, renewable energy, especially by SMEs, to increase their competitiveness, and reduce their dependence on organic fossil fuels, as industry is one of the largest sources of greenhouse gas emissions. Capacity building activities will pave the way for the advancement  of "greener" practices and skills for the transition to a circular economy in the future.
Minister Romanos Petrosyan emphasized that in this post-war stage, in the cooperation with international partners and donor organizations, the fact to comply all steps with the post-war reality and their results directed to mitigating the post-war situation in Armenia is prioritized.
The Minister expressed his willingness and determination to assume the implementation of the previously outlined and already envisaged projects  to have a better environment.