“Plane Grove” sanctuary is located on the state border of the Republic of Armenia; no part has been conceded or scaled down


In response to " The half of 60 hectares of the largest natural plane grove in the Caucasus passed to Azerbaijan" news circulated by the mass media means, we deem it necessary to clarify the following:
The information does not correspond to reality. “Plane Grove” sanctuary under the protection of "Zangezur" Biosphere Complex” SNCO, the area of which is 64.2 hectares, is located on the state border of the Republic of Armenia.
Earlier, “Plane Grove” sanctuary was established in accordance with the N341 decree (September 13, 1958) of the Council of Ministers of the Armenian SSR. It is located on the bank of Tsav River, which passes at the foot of the northern macro slope of Meghri mountain range in Syunik region of Southern Armenia, in the sediment-filled valley, at an altitude of 700-750 m.
By 2004, “Plane Grove” state sanctuary was under Kapan forest enterprise, which, in fact, did not have levers to ensure protection. In accordance with N1044-N decree (July 15, 2004) of RA Government on “Making amendments and supplements to N926-N decree (May 30, 2002) of the RA Government”, “Plane Grove” sanctuary - without adjustment of status – was handed to “Shikahogh” state reserve” state non-commercial organization in a bid to efficiently organize preservation and rehabilitation works.
According to N1401-N decree (September 7, 2006) of the RA Government, as a result of adjusting and mapping the borders of “Plane Grove” sanctuary, the area of the reserve comprised 64.2 hectares.