Approximately 1.300 million euros allocated to Armenia by CNF in 2020


Approximately 1,300 million euro works implemented in the Republic of Armenia by the Caucasus Nature Fund (CNF) in the fiscal year 2020. The projects were directed to preserving Armenia's specially protected areas of nature, thus increasing management efficiency.
Note, that this year the CNF provided unprecedented financial support to the Government of the Republic of  Armenia due to COVID-19 epidemic. An additional half a million Euros to finance the salaries of 4 SNCOs under the Ministry of Environment for 6 months. This assistance was an additional support to the state budget, which enabled the creation of free financial resources to support other target spheres during the state of emergency.
The CNF has been backing Armenia’s specially protected areas of nature for over 11 years. In 2021, the programs of the Caucasus Nature Fund will continue to support the preservation of our country's unique biodiversity.