A new public council attached to the Minister of Environment will be formed


By the decree of the Minister of Environment Romanos Petrosyan, it is envisaged to form a new public council attached to the Minister. The Minister briefed of it in the course of the year-end meeting with environmental organizations operating in the republic and environmental activists, anticipating propositions and recommendations from partners on the establishment of the council.
Summing up the received proposals, the Ministry of Environment announces the launch of the formation of the council.
The council should be mostly inclusive viable and comprehensive.
Be actively involved in identifying environmental issues, developing projects and roadmaps for their solution, developing policy directed to the sectorial development.
Come up with professional conclusions and recommendations on various issues,
 Collaborate with various non-governmental organizations and, if necessary, involve relevant sectorial experts in its activities,
The public council attached  the Minister of Environment is an independent advisory body coordinating public participation in the development of environmental plans, programs and policy.
The council operates on a voluntary basis.
Applications for membership in the Council can be submitted via  e-mail: press@env.am, mentioning "Public Council" in the header.
The application must include:
Name, last name
Organization name
The last three years of the organization / individual activity
Brief description
If it is an organization, the data on the top management
What other non-governmental organizations / initiatives does it cooperate with?
Problems requiring priority solution in the sphere of nature protection - a brief description of the envisaged actions to solve thereof
The deadline for applications is January 25, 2021.
The election of the staff of the public council will be effected by a special commission set up by the order of the Minister.
For more details you can call on the following number: 011 818 503.