In response to the post (January 12, 2021) of "Environmentalist’s House" initiative on the Facebook social network over tree felling in the area from Lermontovo village to Vanadzor, we inform that sanitary logging place has been operated since October 8, 2020, on the basis of 01728 deforestation ticket. In spring of 2020, due to heavy snow and strong winds in 2 and 3, 4, 12, 20, 140 forest areas, more than 314 common pine trees were snow-covered, and some of them were wind-whipped (photos attached).
Guided by the decree (June 22, 2006) of the Government of the Republic of Armenia on "Defining the order of  performing  care and sanitary tree cuttings", it was done inventory of trees in these forest areas. On October 1, 2020, the logging place was approved and  a deforestation ticket was composed. Also, we advise that following the warning, the monitoring group consisting of the workers  of the Committee of Forest, "ArmForest" SNCO “Hydrometeorology and Monitoring Center”  SNCO left for "Vanadzor Forest Enterprise" branch to supervise additional surveys; subsequently the results of thereof will be declared .