Minister of Environment Romanos Petrosyan and Deputy Minister coordinating the sphere Tigran Simonyan conducted a working visit to “Environmental Impact Expertise Center” SNCO


 The Minister held a meeting-consultation with the staff of the SNCO regarding the draft law on the amendment to the RA Law on Environmental Impact Assessment and Expertise , the status of the EIA Institute and the further course of activities. The establishment of the EIA Institute is one of the top three primary and most  pivotal issues of the Ministry of Environment, which must be addressed in 2021.
The draft law on the amendment is expected to call forth the establishment of a new quality of EIA institute, an amendment in public perceptions of the EIA. "We should change the whole process of EIA expertise and procedures. What we have today does not meet the requirements of modern entrepreneurs, real environmental activists": stated the Minister and expressed hope that those  present at the meeting are not satisfied with the substantive part of the qualitative justification for conclusions: “ this is the problem of the country, which must be addressed in the near future”.
If during the former government there were other rules of the game, there were extra-budgetary and shadow deals, today similar phenomena have no place in our reality. "Environmental Impact Expertise Center" SNCO should become a completely new structure with new financial flow mechanisms and empowered with dynamic capacities.
 By the draft law it is envisaged:
 to  introduce an e-government system, starting with the acceptance of the EIA bids
 to  give an  opportunity to involve an international expert or group of experts in the process
to ensure the transparency of the environmental impact assessment process 
 to comply the legislation with international legal standards
 to clarify the working status of experts and etc. 
The working group on the draft law on the amendment will subsequently hold ongoing meetings, discussions with representatives of environmental organizations, environmental activists  and a wider group of experts. The employees of the SNCO presented their observations, issues of concern, situational episodes encountered during the work and procedural gaps.
The Minister asked the colleagues to clearly state the problems, to make an inventory, sorting them according to priority in an effort to consider them with the working group on the draft law on the amendment. The working group will involve local and international experts, representatives of environmental organizations and environmental activists. In result, a comprehensive product should be, an institution with a status, the expert’s conclusion of which will be the state’s  seal with a high reputation and  inviolable.