Supervised studies in "Vanadzor Forestry" of “ArmForest” SNCO


In a bid to clarify the issue voiced by "Environmentalist’s House" NGO, by  the special instruction of the Minister of Environment Romanos Petrosyan, a group of workers of “Hydrometeorology and Monitoring Center” SNCO, the Committee of Forest  and "ArmForest" SNCO supervised surveys in 4th and 14th forest units of the 2nd square of Khndzorut forest enterprise of "Vanadzor Forestry" branch of "ArmForest"  SNCO (in the vicinity of Lermontovo village of Vanadzor-Dilijan highway). The employees of Gugark division of Lori regional department of the RA Police, too, took part in the surveys.
As a result of the studies, it turned out:
 Sanitary logging was appointed in the above-mentioned forest areas on October 8, 2020, with the deforestation ticket N 01728, in order to remove snow-cut and wind-blown trees.
 A comparative study of the trunks was accomplished selectively by the group. The comparative study revealed that the diameters of the mentioned tree trunks and tree species  coincide with the data of the deforestation ticket N 01728. 
During the research it turned out that the trees registered at the logging place  were uprooted, snow-covered, the tops were broken, prickly (which was observed in the trees not yet cut down), and other trees with sanitary features.