“Ineffective governance will not be tolerated when there is no tangible result for the sphere and the state”: Romanos Petrosyan


Minister of Environment Romanos Petrosyan started the working week, conducting  a visit to “Environmental Project Implementation Unit” of the Ministry of Environment. The Minister introduced the new Acting Director of “Environmental Project Implementation Unit”  Mikael Khachatryan to the staff, and held a consultation with the staff on the upcoming activities and the directions of the office's activities in 2021. Deputy Minister coordinating the sphere Anna Mazmanyan took part in the consultation. The Minister referred to the results of the audit in the office, expressed his dissatisfaction with the efficiency of the  accomplished work, the quality of supervision over the implemented programs, calling on the partners to announce the launch of a new phase together, adjusting the previously adopted work style. "The projects must be implemented with the application of right tools  in the Environmental Project Implementation Unit, the implementation of objective tenders, and the involvement of contractors and investors."
Minister Petrosyan advised that another external audit is envisaged in the office in the near future. "We must make serious conclusions from the present situation, from now on we must exclude despicable phenomena by dint of our steps. We will not continue like this. No other interest will be served behind the interests of the state. I will not tolerate inefficient governance when there is no tangible result for the sphere and the state, thereby no program will be implemented in the Environmental Project Implementation Office just to show results on paper”. The Deputy Minister and the newly appointed Acting Director of the EPIU made a speech. Summing up the meeting, the Minister once again urged the staff to review the approaches, establish  a new benchmark for efficiency, reject the previous vicious practice, expressing hope that Mr. Khachatryan will work productively  with the staff, and in the near future we will have a constructive structure with individual effort for the benefit of our state, environment and RA citizen.
The MoE’s “EPIU” SI  was formed in 2010 by N1191-N decree of the RA Government, on the basis of former "Environmental Project Center" SNCO, which is the successor of previously operating  "Natural Resource Management and Privation Mitigation" EPIU State Institution. The main objective  of the EPIU SI is to ensure the effective implementation of environmental projects in the Republic of Armenia. The main spheres of activity are the projects and activities approved by the Government of the Republic of Armenia , by the RA MoE, the  territorial administration bodies, the environmental protection sphere, the state budget of the Republic of Armenia, as well as funds allocating to Armenia by foreign countries and international lending organizations. On February 27, 2019, during the 22nd meeting of Green Climate Fund (GCF) Board took place in Songdo, Republic of Korea, “Environmental Project Implementation Unit” was accredited by the Green Climate Fund Board.