With reference to  the amount of fish released into Lake Sevan in 2020


In 2020, in general fish fry of  625,109 trout species of different sizes were released  into Lake Sevan.
As of December 31, 2020, the amount of fish in the area of the net fish farm belonging to "Sevan Aqua" CJSC, established by  “Trout Resource Rehabilitation and Fish Breeding Development Foundation" was 205,946 kg. During the year 99.227 kg of fish fry  of Gegharkunik trout of different sizes were replenished, and the decrease of fish was 20.001 kg.
The fish weight in the net fish farm was about 99,088 kg, and the fish were given about 192,311 kg of feed.
In 2020, in general  625,109 fish fry of different sizes (1.64-112 grams) were released into the rivers belonging to Lake Sevan water basin, which is the main spawning ground for Sevan trout, of which 592,433 were Gegharkunik and 32,676 were summer trout.