On January 22-23,  the staff of “Dilijan” National Park participated in the final seminar of the preparation of the 7th National Report of the UNEP/GEF Convention to Combat Desertification grant project. 
The Deputy Minister of Environment Anna Mazmanyan welcomed the participants of the seminar and wished them fruitful work.
The seminar took a note of:
the project goal,
 the methods of implementing the envisaged services,
the ways and means of implementing the planned consultations,
the list of stakeholders, the ways and means of their involvement, participation / Artak Piloyan Ph. D. /,
Dynamics of land cover changes
Dynamics and cropland cover changes /Harutyun Hakobyan /,
poverty trends
Trends in SO2-2 drinking water supply /Yura Poghosyan/,
Analysis of drought and its mitigation measures to increase the sustainability of vulnerable groups and ecosystems (Artak Piloyan),
SOC quantity trends for the topsoil and the subsoil layers,
 Tendencies to alter the distribution and quantity of certain biological species /Alla Aleksanyan/,
Trends in the flow of state internal financial resources,
Trends in changing the number of co-financing partners,
Financial resources from innovative sources of funding, including the private sector,
International projects fulfilled in the sphere of nature protection in 2018 /Aram Stepanyan/,
The results of the seminar were summarized by Acting Director of "EPIU" SI Mikayel Khachatryan.