The officers of the SNCOs under the Ministry of Environment have summarized 2020


Minister of Environment Romanos Petrosyan held a meeting. The Directors  of the SNCOs under the Ministry summed up 2020; submitted the achievements of the year, the implemented activities, recorded problems, by presenting brief reports, spoke about the priority directions set for 2021.
In attendance were Deputy Ministers of Environment A. Mazmanyan, T. Simonyan, Secretary General of the Ministry G. Gulyan, Director of "Hydrometeorology and Monitoring Center" SNCO L. Azizyan, Acting Director of "Sevan NP" SNCO A. Khloyan, Acting Director of "Dilijan NP" SNCO A. Poghosyan, Director of "Khosrov Forest" NP SNCO V. Jilavyan, Director of "Reserve Park Complex" SNCO P. Poghosyan,  Acting Director of “Environmental Impact Expertise Center” SNCO G. Gevorgyan, Director of “State Museum of Nature of Armenia” G. Ghazaryan, Director of “Lake Arpi” National Park SNCO M. Muradyan, Director of “Zangezur'' “Biosphere  Complex” SNCO A. Mkrtchyan, Director of “Environmental project implementation unit” SA M. Khachatryan, Director of "Zvartnots" Aviameteorological Centre" CJSC T. Hayrapetyan.
Prior to submitting the reports, Minister Romanos Petrosyan said a welcome speech, briefing his colleagues that meetings in this format should become a tradition,   and meet once a semester to sum up the accomplished work, to illustrate main directions, making this informal platform to make environmental management more productive, defining new  benchmarks for sectorial efficiency.   
"The exchange of information at the level of the Ministry’s heads of different SNCOs and the same sphere, getting acquainted with each other's problems, being informed about the priorities of the common sphere can serve as an non-formal consulting platform, which will set the work on a more institutional basis."
The heads of the SNCOs presented the work implemented within the year, the results reflected in the digital data, the upcoming programs.
The Minister deemed this format of the meeting effective, thanked the colleagues for the implemented work, and expressed hope that the current phases of the programs outlined today would be discussed in the course of the next meeting.