Towards science: RA Ministry of Environment and “Armenian National Agrarian University'' Foundation signed a Memorandum of Cooperation


The Ministry of Environment, in the face of Minister Romanos Petrosyan, and “Armenian National Agrarian University'' Foundation,  in the face of Rector Vardan Urutyan, have signed a memorandum of cooperation.
Addressing the guests at the Ministry of Environment, Minister Romanos Petrosyan once again attached importance to the close cooperation between the state agencies and the educational institutions of the republic.
“In an effort to improve the eco-educational environment, to raise the eco-educational level of the society, as well as  to achieve significant progress in the spheres of environmental management, protection and preservation in our republic, the Ministry of Environment came up with a  proposal of cooperation with one of the personnel forges in the sphere - with great research and scientific-educational potential - the Agrarian University.   The Ministry of Environment with its subdivisions essential young specialists, scientific-educational, research, consulting services from the Agrarian University, which will be directly introduced to the Ministry of Environment, remarkably to forest management, afforestation, drafting, fostering of forest cultures, tree planting of 10 million, on the basis of other achievements, which are presently  outlined in the conceptual principles of the state sustainable development''.
Rector of Armenian National Agrarian University  Vardan Urutyan expressed his satisfaction with Minister Romanos Petrosyan and the Ministry of Environment for similar  pivotal initiative and  turning towards science and education.
"There are numerous  and multi-layered problems in the sphere. If we want high-quality specialists to be involved in solution processes thereof, such cooperation is crucial. The Agrarian University has already taken certain steps in the direction of it, reforming and modernizing the educational programs. At present, steps are being assumed to have infrastructure and develop an environment for educational practices”.
In his speech, the Rector mentioned that the concept of "working semester" already exists in the Agrarian University, when the student has to spend a whole semester with the employer, and this memorandum provides a very good opportunity in that context. The student has the opportunity to get acquainted with the  sector the day before, to understand the problems the day before and  to attain professional progress.
Deputy Minister of Environment Tigran Simonyan delivered a speech, who once again valued the connection between theory and practice, promising to do everything in his sphere of coordination for close cooperation between science and practice. This memorandum has two main objectives: raising the eco-educational level of the public, establishing a personnel bank, from which young personnel will be injected into the forestries of "ArmForest" SNCO.
Minister Petrosyan submitted the priority directions of the Ministry of Environment to his colleagues, one of which is the introduction and development of a new model for forest management. By dint of this memorandum, the students of the Department of Forestry and Agroecology of the Agrarian University will have the opportunity to participate directly in the reform processes of the sphere.
By the memorandum, the parties intend to join their efforts within the framework of the RA legislation, introducing professional, human-technical potential for cooperation.
By the memorandum, the sides organize and perform the educational and research training of the students of the Departments of Agronomy, Agrarian Engineering, according to the list submitted in advance by the Foundation,  and in accordance with the number of places for training in the Ministry.
The parties to the Memorandum are willingly to pool resources in the spheres of environmental protection, improvement, restoration, reasonable use of natural resources, education, as well as the directions arising from the Parties' charter problems and objectives of mutual interest.
Wishing success to the initiative, Minister Petrosyan added that the doors of the Ministry of Environment, its subdivisions, forestries and forest enterprises of "ArmForest" SNCO are open to students and young specialists. From now on they have wide opportunities to realize  the gained knowledge and to turn it into experience.
The parties agreed to meet in the near future to discuss joint measures and the schedule of cooperation programs.