Since February 1, the processes directed to addressing the recorded problems of Lake Sevan have embarked on with a new impetus


The Minister of Environment Romanos Petrosyan held a consultation on the inventoried buildings and structures on the shores of Lake Sevan, the provision of their lease rights, and the dismantling of illegal buildings.
 915 state-registered contracts on "Granting the right to build a state-owned land plot" and "land lease" in "Sevan" national park SNCO.
The receivables under the mentioned contracts comprise  209,542,091 AMD as of January 8 in 2021.
Presently, there are 32 cases on illegalities of 43,845,466 AMD for the charge of money and unilateral and early termination of the contract.
By 22 judicial acts that entered into force, 36 cases on illegalities of 224 214 AMD subject to charge, the writs of enforcement were submitted to the Compulsory Enforcement Service .
As a result of written notices and working calls, 263 leaseholders have no overdue payments, however, the amount of the obligation under the contract is 28 035 000 AMD.
486 leaseholders conscientiously fulfill the obligations stipulated by the contract.
 9 leaseholders were declared bankrupt by court acts, the sum of their liability is 27 298 852 AMD.
In the name of 12 leaseholders, there are references on "The registration of the death act" provided by the Civil Acts Registration  of the RA Ministry of Justice. The sum of the mentioned leaseholders' liability is 14 215 271 AMD.
It is envisaged to submit proposals for unilateral early termination of the contract to 61 leaseholders, the sum of which is 22 152 203 AMD.
It is planned to compose lawsuits of 15 385 164 AMD with a demand to charge 23 leaseholders and unilateral early termination in a bid to  submit to the court.
There are 7 problematic land use contracts, the sum of liabilities of which is 22 385 921 AMD.
The Minister once again emphasized that the rescue of Sevan is an issue of pan-Armenian significance. The groups and individuals who consider themselves privileged and ill-treat Sevan for years will not be tolerated, the circles operating under the auspices of various groups, which put their own interests above the state and public interests, will be rejected.
"There are two main goals - to collect the debts as much as possible, and to free the coastal areas of Sevan from illegal buildings and structures. We do not flinch for a second while taking surgical steps addressed to the rescue of Sevan and  restoration of lake’s ecosystems. Since February 1, embarked on the processes meant for solving the problems of Lake Sevan and eliminating the recorded violations, including upgrading and capacity-building of  “Sevan” national park, which will serve the pivotal objective of freeing the shores of the lake from illegal structures'': stated the Minister.