We draw the attention of the public sector, organizations and individuals interested in the sphere


Under EU4Environment's component  1.2  on “Sectoral investment planning and comparative analysis  of  costs  and  benefits”, the Ministry of Environment holds online "The opportunities of introducing DRS packaging wastes  in the Republic of Armenia" online consultative workshop, which will take place on February 11,  at 10:30 via the Zoom online platform. The agenda of the workshop is attached.
The purpose of the online workshop is to submit the best practices of the EU, remarkably Lithuania’s successful model for packaging wastes, and to discuss the best options for the introduction of DRS packaging wastes in Armenia. Individuals interested in participating in the online consultative workshop, representatives of organizations, public sector can call +37411 818 50 or send their candidacy via e-mails: interproject@env.am , interproject.env@yahoo.com by February 8 of this year.